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2012 note:
2nd June 2012: Sorry folks - we're behind this year with our observations. Hope to get onto this next week. In the meantime, the June 2011 observations below are a good place to start, and the May 2012 observations are a precursor for things to come this month, with Hoveas and Hibbertias and more acacias etc. coming into flower.
the native flora of the SW of Western Australia
Flowering in June 2011
so far  over 75 species
noticed up to 30th June - buds not counted
(Busselton & Margaret River-Augusta)
June 2011 note: We commenced our flowering pages in December 2009. We hope that you may like to help us refine our monthly lists. We only list species that we have seen with our own eyes ... or yours.
The scale of our task
Of the total figure of around 300,000 plant species, we have just over 1000 plant species in our corner of the world, and it 's quite a task noticing them all for our monthly flowering pages!
If you'd like to help with this project, we welcome you sending us your sightings. We need botanical names + locality. Photos also welcome.
Geographe Community Landcare Nursery grows around a 5th of our local plant species.
Trees from our Nursery List

[Some flowers persisting]
Corymbia calophylla
Taxandria juniperina

edit below

Other Trees

Holly-leaved Banksia
Banksia ilicifolia

Large shrubs and small trees from our Nursery List

Swamp Peppermint
Taxandria linearifolia
Native Willow
Callistachys lanceolata
Swamp Banksia
Banksia littoralis
Albizia, Cape Wattle
Paraserianthes lophantha

Hakea linearis
Look out for:
Paraserianthes lophantha
Hakea trifurcata

edit below

Other large shrubs and small trees
edit below

Medium shrubs from our Nursery List

Taxandria fragrans
Calothamnus graniticus Fine Teatree
Taxandria parviceps
flowers in some areas,
e.g. Sabina area
Cockies Tongues
Templetonia retusa
Cut-leaf Hibbertia
Hibbertia cuneiformis

Coastal Wattle
Acacia cyclops
Some sporadic

Coastal Honeymyrtle
Melaleuca systena
[post fire situation, Cape Naturaliste]
Yellow Tailflower
Anthocercis littorea
Acacia myrtifolia
Grey Honeymyrtle
1st flowers noticed mid-June
Melaleuca incana
Look out for:
Templetonia retusa
Melaleuca incana
Hibbertia cuneiformis

edit below

Regelia ciliata

Other medium shrubs

Taxandria inundata Homalospermum firmum
Unusually early? (June 30th, and it looks as if it's been flowering a while)
Pimelea lanata
some straggling flowers

Small plants/shrubs from our Nursery List

Narrow Winged Wattle
Acacia stenoptera
Prostrate Woolly Bush
Adenanthos meisneri
Pindak, Silky-leaved Blood Flower
Calothamnus sanguineus

Thomasia foliosa
Lemon-scented Darwinia
Darwinia citriodora

Pretty Honey Myrtle
Melaleuca trichophylla
Scrub Sheoak
Allocasuarina humilis
Rib Wattle
Acacia nervosa
Thick-leaved Fanflower
Scaevola crassifolia
One very last single flower in Meelup June 7th?
Grammatotheca bergiana

Sea Celery
Apium prostratum
False Boronia
Phyllanthus calycinus
Tail-leaved Acacia
Acacia urophylla
Honey Bush
Hakea lissocarpha
one provenance flowering - perhaps 'foreign' provenance in  Quindalup

Look out for:
Acacia nervosa
Phyllanthus calycinus
Acacia urophylla
Hakea lissocarpha
Hibbertia racemosa
Acacia lateriticola glabrous variant
Acacia browniana

edit below

Angled Lobelia
Lobelia anceps

Other small plants/shrubs

Daviesia (Ambergate _ decurrens?)
Hypocalymma strictum
some flowers in late May
Yellow Buttercups
Hibbertia hypericoides
Holly-leaved Hovea
Hovea chorizemifolia
Olearia elaeophila

Grevillea brachystylis ssp. brachystylis Grevillea brachystylis
ssp. grandis
Moss-leaved Heath
Astroloma ciliatum
Shrub Violet
Hybanthus floribundus
Common Pinheath
Styphelia tenuiflora

Pearl Flower
Conostephium pendulum
Rock Thryptomene
Thryptomene saxicola
Blue Brother
Conospermum caeruleum

Kick Bush
Astroloma pallidum

Lomandra nigricans

Prickly Bitter-pea
Daviesia decurrens
Drosera - Meelup Leucopogon conostephioides
Hibbertia spicata ssp. spicata
Leucopogon tenuis

Hibbertia cunninghamii Adenanthos sp. Whicher Range Acacia semitrullata Beautiful Pithocarpa
Pithocarpa pulchella var. melanostigma
Basket Flower
Adenanthos obovatus

unidentified Grevillea
Scott River area

Scott River Jugflower
Adenanthos detmoldii

Daviesia decurrens (2)

Daviesia sp.
at Bunker Bay

Leucopogon capitellatus
Look out for:
Conospermum flexuosum
Acacia semitrullata
Grevillea bronwenae
Leucopogon oxycedrus
Acacia flagelliformis
Acacia tetragonocarpa
Leucopogon conostephioides
Franklandia fucifolia
Hibbertia cunninghamii
Andersonia caerulea
Acacia mooreana

edit below

Daviesia preissii

Grevillea maccutcheonii
Autumn Scrub Daisy
Olearia paucidentata
Astroloma sp
probably sp. Nannup
Astroloma drummondii

Stylidium sp
[Bunker Bay]

Hemiandra pungens, white
Cultivated - last flowers
Leucopogon propinquus
Leucopogon sp

Leucopogon glabellus
probably ...
Leucopogon sp. Margaret River

Climbing Plants from our Nursery List

Native Wisteria
Hardenbergia comptoniana

Other Climbing Plants [not on our list]

Marianthus tenuis
Climbing Triggerplant
Stylidium scandens

Monocots from our Nursery List

Other Monocots

Prickle Lily
Acanthocarpus preissii

Laxmannia sp (Ruabon)
Bunny Orchid
Eriochilus dilatatus

Anarthria prolifera
Pineapple Bush
Dasypogon hookeri

Banded Greenhood
Pterostylis vittata
Autumn Leek Lily - buds
Prasophyllum parvifolium

Eriochilus sp (Dunsborough)

Wurmbea sp (dioica?)

Lomandra micrantha
Look out for:
Anarthria laevis
Anarthria prolifera

edit below

Large-flowered Bog Rush
Schoenus grandiflorus

Lepidosperma squamatum
Semaphore Sedge
Mesomelaena tetragona

Tricoryne tenella

[out of season, through hot fire recovery at Cape Naturalise ?]
Coast Sword-sedge
Lepidosperma gladiatum
Kingia australis
Spreading Sword-sedge
Lepidosperma effusum
Lyginia imberbis
Dasypogon bromeliifolius

Geographe Community Landcare Nursery
opening windows into our flora

Flowering in June 2010
over 85 species - (noticed up to 30th June)

In December (2009), we started listing the local flora that was flowering. See below if you'd like to help.

This is a very rough list of what is flowering locally in December. Some - like the hibbertias - are just finishing their flowering season. You may be able to help compile this page, and pages on the flowering of our flora in the following months. Please contact us if you notice something that we've missed. This page is mostly listing the Dicots, but many Monocots also have very beautiful flowerings. For a complete listing of genuses in scientific order, see our Classification page.
As with December, the January flowering includes 'tail-end' flowering (Agonis flexuosa, Hibbertia cuneiformis) and new flowerings like Xylomelum occidentale and Billardiera floribunda.
From observations at the end of January, it seems that February will be a poor month for flowerings, but we may be surprised. Many of the flowerings of late Spring that were holding on have at long last petered out and the pink Summer verticordias are fading, turning white. The Marri is flowering or ready to flower - there is a really good Marri flowering this year. The Woody Pear was quite short-lived, and some is already fading. A surprise is a lovely Lobelia, Lobelia gibbosa, with a succulent stem, defying the heat of Summer.

To compensate for a lack of flowering, a lot of the water-stressed bush is displaying the signs of diallagy. What appears to be a plant in the throes of death is actually a plant faking death, and in the process giving us a display of reds, browns, ambers, and yellows. When the rains arrive in Autumn, these colours are transformed to the leaf colour we are most comfortable with, green.
Our page on this phenomenon: Diallagy.

In our region, the Marri (Corymbia calophylla) is the most apparent flowering, but Hakea ruscifolia is still flowering strongly. Calothamnus sanguineus is flowering very well this month (Meelup, Big Rock Reserve, ...).
A great flowering this year of Swamp Banksia (Banksia littoralis).
Still flowering: Marri (Corymbia calophylla), Banksia littoralis, Melaleuca lanceolata, Calothamnus sanguineus, ...
Marianthus tenuis is showing in many locations; Acanthocarpus preissii coming out, ...
A bit of 'carry-over' from last month: Acanthocarpus preissii, Calothamnus sanguineus, Marianthus tenuis, ... Eucalyptus rudis is just  breaking out. I don't know how we'll keep up with this: when we are going out seed- collecting, we're blown away from flowerings of species like Hovea chorizenmifolia, Styphelia tenuiflora and Hakea lissocarpha, etc.

Woodland and forest floors seem to start to become alive starting with the flowering of Hovea chorizemifolia, noticed in May. Its companion, Hibbertia hypericoides seems to herald the start of something new, and as can be seen below, quite a few species are now coming into flower. It is not Spring - this is our WINTER FLOWER SHOW.
Although the South Australian Acacia iteaphylla has been flowering for a couple of months already, other non-Western Australian acacias now make their show - Acacia longifolia, Acacia pycnantha, Acacia podalyriifolia. (Acacia iteaphylla and Acacia longifolia are now significant weeds in the Shire of Busselton, invading many reserves.)
So far the smaller acacias like Acacia nervosa, Acacia flagelliformis, Acacia semitrullata, etc. are the ones on show, but now in June, the larger wattles start to flower, starting with Acacia myrtifolia.
Local shrubs flowering in profusion are Hakea lissocarpha, Hakea linearis, Templetonia retusa, ...

If you observe June flowerings, you may be able to help us make our list. Email your suggestions and photos to:
samolus [at] westnet [dot] com [dot] au
Photos: all photos below to be taken locally in June 2010
This is a GAME. The rules: the photos for this page MUST be taken in the month of flowering and posted in the same period - not old stock photos . Hopefully this will encourage us to be more aware of flowerings. We may cheat a little, and re-post some earlier photos if that species is observed continuing to flower.
under construction
Reposted photos - brought forward from May, some earlier:

Nursery List


Nursery List Nursery List Nursery List
Nursery List

2nd month of buds

Nursery List Nursery List
Nursery List Nursery List Nursery List

Orchid ... Eriochilus dilatatus?

Nursery List Nursery List

Daviesia angulata?

New photos (but some of these were flowering in previous months):

Not generally flowering

Darwinia citriodora buds

Daviesia decurrens?

Acacia obovata persisting

Nursery List Nursery List

Calothamnus sanguineus finishing
- some persisting flowers
Andersonia caerulea - buds

Acacia myrtifolia commencing flowering

Drosera sp. Yallingup locality

Astartea sp. - just a persisting flower, not general flowering
Nursery List
Nursery List

Nursery List

Orchid -
Prasophyllum parvifolium?

Anarthria prolifera

Stylidium sp

Platysace tenuissima?

Leucopogon conostephioides

Nursery List

Banksia ilicifolia

Orchid: Pterostylis vittata


Acacia lateriticola (glabrous variant)

Nursery List Nursery List

Adenanthos sp. Whicher Range

Grevillea brachystylis ssp. brachystylis

Acacia browniana, Carbanup

Clematis linearifolia in bud

Nursery List Nursery List

Not generally flowering


Nursery List
Nursery List Nursery List

Not generally flowering yet - this one planted in Meelup where it is fairly common.

This species is in bud, but this was the only flower found - a very early bird.

A late flower or an early flower - ONE flower!

The main general annual flowering is beginning this month

Nursery List
Nursery List Nursery List Nursery List

Unidentified Conospermum species, probably Conospermum paniculatum.

Banksia (Dryandra) sessilis var. sesslis - probably growing as  a weed. Our local Banksia sessilis var. cordata should begin flowering next month
1st Banksia sessilis var. cordata noticed 26th June Bunker Bay

Prostrate Stylidium sp at Bunker  Bay.
Nursery List

Clematis pubescens in bud.


Nursery List Nursery List
Nursery List

Banksia (Dryandra) squarrosa ssp. argillacea just starting to flower.

Nursery List

Noticeable Weeds (links  to FloraBase with their new management notes)

Acacia iteaphylla
Acacia longifolia
Leptospermum laevigatum
Oxalis pes-caprae
Asphodelus fistulosus
Lantana camara

Arum Lily? - no flowers noticed but some flower arrangements noticed with fresh local flowers.

Trachyandra divaricata
Fumaria capreolata
Narcissus tazetta

Naturalised species

Tetragonia decumbens
Cakile maritima

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