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Flowering in January 2011
so far  over 70 species - (noticed up to 20th January - buds not counted)

January 2011 note: We commenced our flowering pages in December 2009. We hope that you may like to help us refine our monthly lists. We only list species that we have seen with our own eyes ... or yours.

The scale of our task
Of the total figure of around 300,000 plant species, we have just over 1000 plant species in our corner of the world, and it 's quite a task noticing them all for our monthly flowering pages!
If you'd like to help with this project, we welcome you sending us your sightings. We need botanical names + locality. Photos also welcome.
Geographe Community Landcare Nursery grows around a 5th of our local plant species.

We are in the process of editing out the December flowerings that don't carry over into January.
Please be patient as we construct our first page for 2011. In the meantime, you may like to browse our December page, or our Christmas page, or if you'd like to help with this project, please get in touch.

Trees from our Nursery List

Woody Pear
Xylomelum occidentale

Corymbia calophylla
Eucalyptus marginata

Melaleuca preissiana
Eucalyptus patens

Other Trees

Western Australian Christmas Tree
Nuytsia floribunda

Large shrubs and small trees from our Nursery List

Slender Banksia
Banksia attenuata

Bull Banksia
Banksia grandis

Chenille Honey Myrtle
Melaleuca huegelii

Swish Bush, Golden Spray
Viminaria juncea

Ntive Willow
Callistachys lanceolata

Swamp Peppermint
Taxandria linearifolia
Rottnest Teatree
Melaleuca lanceolata

edit below

Hakea linearis
Calothamnus quadrifidus
ssp. teretifolius

Other large shrubs and small trees
edit below

Persoonia longifolia
Spreading Snottygobble
Persoonia elliptica

Medium shrubs from our Nursery List

Grey Stinkwood
Jacksonia furcellata

Regelia ciliata
Acacia cyclops

Astartea species

Cut-Leaf Hibbertia
Hibbertia cuneiformis
(still finishing)

Candle Hakea
Hakea ruscifolia

Jacksonia horrida

Kunzea ciliata

last flowers

Solanum symonii

Coastal Honeymyrtle
Melaleuca systena

(mostly finished, but some post-fire young plants are floweringon the Cape)

Coastal Daisy Bush
Olearia axillaris

edit below

Fine Teatree
Taxandria parviceps

Other medium shrubs

Coast Beard-heath
Leucopogon parviflorus
(post-fire flowering of young plants on the Cape)
Santalum acuminatum
Sea Box
Alyxia buxifolia

edit below

Pimelea lanata Spindly Verticordia sp Yalyalup (attenuata?) Grevillea manglesioides

Small plants/shrubs from our Nursery List

Very difficult to show the flowers, but this dioeceous species is flowering profusely now.
Australian Bluebell
Billardiera fusiformis
Angled Lobelia
Lobelia anceps
Prostrate Woolly Bush
Adenanthos meisneri
Berry Saltbush
Rhagodia baccata
Robin Red Breast
Melaleuca lateritia

Pretty Honey Myrtle
Melaleuca trichophylla
Hemiandra pungens

Samolus junceus Sea Celery
Apium prostratum

Gastrolobium praemorsum

Narrow Winged Wattle
Acacia stenoptera
Tangle Daisy
Ozothamnus cordatus
Common Sea Heath
Frankenia pauciflora
Cushion Bush
Leucophyta brownii
Slender Myoporum
Myoporum caprarioides
edit below

Swamp Teatree
Pericalymma ellipticum
Pindak, Silky-leaved Blood Flower
Calothamnus sanguineus
Not really flowering - just the odd flower
Horned Leaf Hakea
Hakea ceratophylla
Villarsia (Liparophyllum) latifolia

Other small plants/shrubs

Pom Poms
Ptilotus manglesii

Acacia huegelii
Blue Lace Flower
Trachymene coerulea
Camphor Myrtle
Babingtonia camphorosmae
Plumed Featherflower
Verticordia plumosa


Compacted Featherflower
Verticordia densiflora var. densiflora
Eutaxia virgata
Unidentified Goodeniaceae sp Yellow
(possibly Goodenia pusilla)

unnamed Dampiera sp
Comesperma virgatum
finishing - last gasps

Aotus cordifolia
unnamed Dampiera sp
(Marri 2)

finishing - last gasps

Yellow Starflower
Calytrix flavescens

last flowers/finishing

Leucopogon tenuis
Gompholobium confertum
Gompholobium tomentosum Royal Robe
Scaevola calliptera

Lobelia tenuior

very last one - Jan.14th?

Small-leaved Scaevola
Scaevola microphylla
Daviesia preissii Narrowleaf Mulla Mulla
Ptilotus drummondii
Short-styled Grevillea
Grevillea brachystylis ssp. brachystylis

Grammatotheca bergiana
Boronia tenuior
[Still finishing 14th Jan. Yallingup]

Thomasia sp Marri 6
(perhaps pauciflora)

edit below

Goodenia eatoniana

Goodenia coerulea
Hoary Goodenia
Goodenia incana

Hemigenia rigida

Pentapeltis peltigera unidentified Boronia Marri 3

Viscid Hand-flower
Scaevola glandulifera
Swamp Pea
Euchilopsis linearis

Paragonis grandiflora

Book Trigger Plant
Stylidium calcaratum
Hairy Glandflower
Adenanthos sp.
Whicher Range

unidentified Pink Stylidium Marri 4
Kick Bush
Astroloma pallidum

unidentified Hibbertia sp low Marri 7 Creeping Brookweed
Samolus repens
Unidentified creeping Stylidium Ruabon unidentified mauve Stylidium Marri 5
Pixie Mops
Petrophile linearis

Boronia dichotoma

Swamp Daisy, Albany Daisy
Actinodium cunninghamii
Unidentified shrub Stylidium Ruabon
Unidentified Verticordia

Spider Smokebush
Conospermum teretifolium
Unidentified Thomasia Ruabon

Gompholobium shuttleworthii

Grevillea maccutcheonii

Unidentified Verticordia Tutanup
Oak-leaf Grevillea
Grevillea quercifolia

Blue-spike Milkwort
Comesperma calymega

Gompholobium cyaninum
Prostrate pea Yalyalup

Leucopogon glabellus

Hemiandra pungens, shrub form
Verticordia densiflora
var. cespitosa
Plumed Featherflower
Verticordia plumosa
var. ananeotes
Verticordia lehmannii
Pimelea unidentified Ambergate
Yellow stylidium
unidentified Ambergate

Boronia tetragona

Common Stylewort
Levenhookia stipitata

Unidentified Pimelea Meelup

Platysace haplosciadia
Comesperma confertum Unidentified white daisy 20-30cm, possibly a Waitzia sp

Hemiandra glabra

Fringed Daisy Bush
Olearia ciliata
Unidentified Dampiera (?) Marrinup-Yallingup
Persoonia saccata
Native Gerbera
Trichocline spathulata
Hispid Stinkweed
Opercularia hispidula

Tall Lobelia
Lobelia gibbosa

Karri Dampiera
Dampiera hederacea
Handsome Wedge-pea
Gompholobium knightianum

Other Climbing Plants [not on our list]

Billardiera variifolia
White-flowered Billardiera
Billardiera floribunda

Cheiranthera parviflora

Billardiera laxiflora

Comesperma integerrimum

Monocots from our Nursery List

Tall Kangaroo Paw
Anigozanthos flavidus

edit below

Knotted Club Rush
Ficinia nodosa
Sea Rush
Juncus kraussii

Broadleaf Rush
Juncus planifolius

Finger Rush
Juncus subsecundus

Spreading Flax Lily (White)
Dianella revoluta
Spreading Flax Lily (Purple)
Dianella revoluta

Other Monocots

Thysanotus sparteus Many-flowered Fringed Lily
Thysanotus multiflorus

last flowers

Dichopogon capillipes
Yellow Autumn Lily
Tricoryne elatior

edit below

Coast Sword-sedge
Lepidosperma gladiatum

Spreading Sword-sedge
Lepidosperma effusum

Pineapple Bush
Dasypogon hookeri

Dasypogon bromeliifolius
Slender Grass Tree
Xanthorrhoea gracilis
Grass Tree
Xanthorrhoea preissii

Johnsonia inconspicua

Phlebocarya ciliata
Lyginia imberbis
Hooded Lily
Johnsonia lupulina
Slipper Orchid
Cryptostylis ovata

Agrostocrinum hirsutum

Geographe Community Landcare Nursery
opening windows into our flora

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