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Photos and information about the species we grow,
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Scientific name

Stypandra glauca

Common name

Blind Grass

Stypandra glauca
Blind Grass
[with Calothamnus graniticus]
This is a wonderful occurrence, the plants growing in the crevices of this ancient granite outcrop, with mosses, lichens, ferns, ...
Around the granite outcrop, an interesting collection of species including Dillwynia laxiflora, Thryptomene saxicola, Cryptandra arbutiflora var. tubulosa, and the Calothamnus graniticus ssp. graniticus, ...
Big Rock Reserve, Quedjinup
Photo: Alison Cassanet
27th August 2006

Photo: Cassandra Jury

Before flowering: Big Rock, Quedjinup.
Photo: Richard Clark
June 24th 2007

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A FloraBase map showing the distribution of Stypandra in Western Australia.

Horticultural note:
Our nursery does not grow this species yet, but we are aiming to propagate it. Our page on 'grass gardens' has a photo of this species from the Australian Garden, Cranbourne.


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