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Nursery List

Scientific name

Solanum symonii

Common name

16th July 2007

Solanum symonii
Kangaroo Apple
Photos: Richard Clark

A FloraBase page on the family Solanaceae.
Solanaceae in the Wikipedia.

A FloraBase page on the genus Solanum.
Solanum in the Wikipedia.

Horticultural note:
Similar species are called Kangaroo Apple - S.aviculare and S.laciniatum.
Solanum symonii is not prized bush food - the fruit has dangerous amounts of alkaloids, and is not particularly pleasant even if the fruit is ripe. Tim Low reports that some Solanum spp including S.aviculare and laciniatum are farmed for contraceptive pills in Hungary and other countries.
Several established human foods come from the Solanaceae family or the Solanum genus - potato, tomato, Cape gooseberry, chili, capsicum, aubergine or eggplant, tomatillo - whilst Australia boasts a desert raisin/bush tomato, S.centrale.


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