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Nursery List

Scientific name

Baumea juncea

Common name

Bare Twigrush

Baumea juncea
Bare Twigrush
In seed.

Baumea juncea
Bare Twigrush
In seed.
Photos: Richard Clark 29th January 2007

Baumea juncea
Bare Twigrush
Marri Reserve, Dunsborough
Photo: Cathy Pinner

Photos of seed on saucer: Richard Clark
Dunsborough 29th January 2007

There is an article about the family CYPERACEAE on FloraBase here.
A note on the family CYPERACEAE in the Wikipedia.
CYPERACEAE in The Families of Flowering Plants.

A FloraBase map showing the distribution of the genus Baumea in Western Australia.
A descriptive page with good drawings of Baumea juncea from PlantNet (NSW).
More information by entering the exact name into IBIS Botanical Name Portal.

Horticultural note: According to Flora of Australia Online, Baumea juncea is a 'late arrival' to Australia. Whatever that means, Baumea juncea is regarded as a useful species in revegetation projects.


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